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Types of Pushchairs

There are a variety of pushchairs available and they’re all designed to fit different lifestyles. You should look for features such as an easy fold that can be completed with one hand or an easily adjustable safety harness.

If you’re planning on shopping often, you should consider a lightweight umbrella stroller. You can also consider a travel system package that includes a car seat for your baby and a carrycot.

Simple to use

When shopping for a pushchair, you’ll need one that is easy to use. Most pushchairs and prams can fold down to a smaller size, making them easy to take in your vehicle or even on public transport. They also come with locking mechanisms to secure them in use.

Some pushchairs have wheels that are designed for terrain rougher than pavements, making them ideal if you like to take your child out for family walks in the countryside. They can be utilized on muddy fields as well as in parks, where they can be able to make light work of navigating rough surfaces and even snowy slopes.

It is easy to clean pushchairs using a damp cloth. You can also employ a gentle cleaning fluid such as Milton to remove mould or mildew from fabric. If your pushchair comes with a removable hood you can clean it by vacuuming it using a small attachment or using soapy water to thoroughly wash it. Allow it to completely dry before reusing it. This will help prevent the spread of germs and keep your tyke healthy and happy.


Picking the right stroller will make a big difference to how you and your baby move around. If you’re looking for something elegant and comfortable or a practical, durable option, there’s an appropriate Pushchair sale uk for your requirements. Imagine how you will use the pram on a regular basis as your baby grows older. This will help you choose the one that is most suitable for your lifestyle.

Pushchairs are designed to hold toddlers and babies. They typically have four wheels but can have three and have an adjustable seat that can be oriented either backwards or forwards based on your preference. Most pushchairs let you change your child’s seat in the basket. Some even include a parent console that has cup holders and insulated pockets for snacks. A lot of them can be folded into smaller sizes to fit into the trunk of your car or on public transport. A 3-in-1 pushchair is another versatile option – it is able to convert from a pram into a travel system, and comes with a convertible infant car seat and an infant carrycot.


A convertible stroller is a baby pram that can also be used as a bassinet car seat, or a standard stroller. It is a great choice for parents who are expecting twins or older siblings. It is simple to maintain and use thanks to its practical features. The stroller also includes the parent tray as well as a cup holder and bottle holder.

The frame of a stroller is comprised of a set of frame members which are joined in a traditional way to create a rigid base. A handle assembly is attached to the frame and extends upwards from a base. The shopping vehicle component of the convertible stroller and shopping car is an receptacle that can be collapsed, supported by a pivotal bar, and connected to the handle assembly. It is movable between an expanded position with said pivotal bar pivoting away from the seat when in the deployed position, and a collapsed position located rearwardly of said seat when in the position of stowing. The receptacle supports is located close to the handle assembly. It is designed to hold the receptacle open above the receptacle when in its expanded position.


All-terrain pushchairs are ideal for those who have to walk on uneven tracks, bumpy terrain, or dirt tracks for farms. These pushchairs have features like large wheels and suspensions that allow them to handle rough terrain. They also come with many other features that make them ideal for the countryside.

Many strollers with all-terrain features have front wheels which swivel to increase maneuverability. This makes them easier to navigate wooded trails and navigate tight corners. Some tires are air-filled to aid them in their bounce on difficult terrain. These are more prone to punctures, however they are also more prone to punctures, so you’ll require a repair kit in your bag at all times.

A few top brands offer an all-terrain pushchair that blends extreme off-road capabilities and the look of a street-style such as the Bugaboo Fox 5 and Out ‘n’ About Nipper 3. These models feature large wheels, a good suspension, and even the possibility of running with them once your child is older. They also come with great parent-friendly features, such as a spacious basket and one-handed fold.


A carrycot is a safe and comfortable place to sleep for your baby. Many carrycots feature a cushioned mattress, a liner, and a canopy to shield your baby from sun. Many come with a shopping trolley to carry the essentials such as nappies and snacks. They are suitable for infants from birth until they can sit up on their own without assistance at about six months.

Most often, they are found in pushchair shops, a carrycot is an excellent option for babies as it promotes flat sleeping which experts recommend to ensure healthy spinal development. It also allows you to travel with your infant in peace and can be easily transferred between a pushchair and a car.

iCandy offers a variety of elegant carrycots that are available in a single purchase or as part the pushchair bundle. You can also find a variety of other accessories for pushchairs on the website including baby car seats, shopping trays and sun covers. Many of these are available separately to fit most prams and pushchairs, making them a great accessory for any family that is getting a new.

Rain cover

A rain cover is an expanse of flexible material that protects structures or objects from rainfall. Its purpose is to reduce the damage that water can cause and to prevent erosion. The ideal rain cover is waterproof, light and durable. They can also lower the risk of mildew or mould growth. You can either brush them off or wash them with cold, soapy water. Then, let the surfaces dry outside.

The YOYO 0+ store for pushchairs offers a premium rain cover that is compatible with the pushchair. Additionally, it can be easily installed or removed when it is needed.


A sun shade or parasol will protect you from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Some are manufactured by the brand of pushchair, while others are universal and can be used with many prams, strollers, and pushchairs. Also look for an appropriate footmuff to keep your baby warm during cold weather.

The parasol was first introduced to Europe around 1600 and soon became a status symbol for European women who wanted a light skin that was not damaged by the sun. The parasol evolved from a tool to shield from sun damage to an image of purity and holyness. This ideal was given to noble women.

Then, a new era of fashion would shift the role of the parasol. The 1920’s brought a new style of fashion in which tanning skin was the rage among white women, and the parasol’s traditional role as a female accouterment went out of style. The term “parasol” is an amalgamation of the words “‘sol’ and “‘para’ which are both derived from the Latin word for sun.


A footmuff is a super-practical accessory that you can use alongside your stroller or car seat to keep your child and toddler warm. It’s ideal for winter, but you can also use it in spring or autumn if the weather is still cool enough to be cold. Most footmuffs are compatible with strollers of all kinds and some are made to be extended through the use of zippered bottoms so they can grow along with your child.

Some footmuffs are constructed with down-filled or fleece-filled fabrics to provide extra protection against cold temperatures, strong winds, light rain or snow. Look for features like zips and hoods, and compatibility with harnesses as well as 3-point safety belts.

You can find footmuffs that are multi-functional and can be turned into sleeping bags. It is also a good idea to select a footmuff that is easy to clean. For instance, you could simply vacuum it or rinse the fabric with cool water and gentle sterilising fluid. Then, you can leave it to dry in the sun.

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