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How to Change the Battery in Your Nissan Key Fobs

Nissan key fobs enable drivers to lock their cars and open them from an extended distance. They can also be used to start the car when needed. Our certified technicians and specialists in parts can assist you if are looking to purchase a brand new Nissan smart key or are having problems with your current one.

Keyless Entry

Keyless entry is an excellent feature that lets you lock and unlock your Nissan vehicle with the push of a button. This system also works to allow you to start your car remotely, without having to insert a key into the ignition. But, this system depends on a battery for its operation. If the battery dies and it is no longer functional, you will be unable to use your key fob. It could even lock you out of your vehicle. This is the reason you need to know how to change the battery in your Nissan key fob as quickly as possible.

Start by turning off your vehicle. Then, open the door to the compartment where you keep the key fob. Flip the key fob over and look for the small release latch. After you have pressed the release latch, you can begin to take off the cover of the fob. You will find that the key fob contains numerous wires. These wires are used to communicating with the onboard computer of your vehicle. You will be able find the necessary wires and follow the directions in the owner’s manual to make the necessary connections. Once you have completed the connection, you are able to connect the key fob together.

Changing the battery in your key fob can seem like an overwhelming task however, it’s not as difficult as you may think. By following these simple steps, you will be able to complete this task in just a few minutes.

Remote Start

Your key fob is capable of more than just locking your car’s doors. It can also remotely start your car, roll down the window, enable multiple drivers profiles, and much more. It is essential to know how to use the device and to replace the battery when needed.

If your Nissan doesn’t have remote start, it could be an easy upgrade with our Service Center professionals. This will allow you to start your car from a distance and help you avoid cold mornings. You can even install a smartphone app for additional convenience.

To use the remote to start your Nissan ensure that your Smart Key is within range. You should also ensure that your car is turned off and that your key isn’t in the ignition. When you’re ready to go, press and hold your fob’s keychain button. You’ll see the car’s hazard lights flash to indicate that your key fob has been successfully programmed and linked to your Nissan.

If your key fob hasn’t linked to your Nissan try retracing the steps. You’ll want to make sure that your key fob didn’t get lost nissan car key somewhere along the way. Find a friend whom you trust to help you find it if you’re unable to locate it. They might be able to find it in a secluded dark and dark space, such as a gap between the cushion of your couch or under the counter.

Lockout Protection

If you ever lock your key fob inside your car it is possible that the Intelligent Key system in some models will stop it from locking your trunk or car. It uses a technology called location recognition to detect when the Intelligent Key is in the trunk or cabin. If the key is detected and you hear an alarm, and you’ll feel a vibrate on your fob to inform you that you’ve accidentally hid it in your vehicle.

If your key fob starts getting agitated all of a sudden, you should check if it is obstructed by something that might block its signal. Also, make sure no wireless devices are within just a few feet of the key fob. Things like wireless security systems can interfere with the signals of your key fob and make it stop working properly.

You can use a coathanger made of wire or a similar tool to slide beneath the trunk or door to remove the key fob from the car. This may take some trial and error.

After you’ve finished, be sure to test your Intelligent Key fob with the doors shut. Click the buttons on your Nissan Intelligent Key fob while standing several steps away. If the lights flash and the horn beeps you’ve successfully programmed your Intelligent Key fob. If not, dial Speck Nissan and speak to one of our representatives.

Remote Lockout

It’s not common for car key remotes to stop working due to one reason or another. The majority of the time, it’s a dead battery that you can replace yourself. You can also reset the system by pressing the lock or unlock button repeatedly. You may hear a chime depending on the vehicle you have when you have successfully reset the system. There are also automakers that offer a service to call (like GM’s longstanding OnStar for a variety of its vehicles, Mercedes-Benz’s Mbrace, or Hyundai Blue Link) which will send a person to assist you.

Nissan micra replacement key Intelligent Key Fobs have some smart features that can prevent you from being locked out. For instance, your car’s sensor system will detect that your fob is inside the cabin or trunk of your car. It will send a vibration and an audio alert to your fob so that you are aware that you have left it in the car.

Some models include the physical blade of a key can be used in the event that your fob battery is damaged or goes out of whack. You can unlock a secret key on the Rogue by flipping the release button on the back. This will only work in the sensor range of your Nissan. This method is a bit more complicated than simply turning on the ignition but it can save you time and frustration.

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