Inside the First Class vanity bags that reveal how the other half fly

From luxury vacuum cleaners to $160,000 bags, the list, uncovered by , is extensive and apparently shows a young woman with incredibly expensive tastes and a shopping habit to match.



Leather products have been ruined by mould after being left untouched in a Malaysian store which had to close down two months ago due to the coronavirus.  

Inside, the kits contained everything from ear plugs and emery boards to pulse point oil and pillow mist for a good night’s sleep, according to

The spokesman said: ‘We take it very seriously in cleaning and disinfecting our stores to ensure a safe and Msia Clothes Online healthy experience to our valued customers.

Metrojaya Suria Sabah is now undergoing a thorough cleaning process by our dedicated staff and will be ready to welcome customers in a few more days.’ 

The £9,500 Jimmy Choo Teletubby handbag studded with 11,000 Swarovski crystals is an insult to grown women

Only 14 available worldwide

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