A Guide To Newborn Pushchair From Start To Finish

Choosing a Newborn Pushchair

New parents might be pondering which stroller, pram or buggy is the best choice for their baby. In general, a pram is designed for newborns and infants with a padded seat that fully reclines to aid with breathing and the development of their spine.

It’s recommended that young babies be in a lying-flat position for the first six months. This is usually accomplished using an infant bassinet or a carrycot that is attached to the frame of a pram.

Lie-flat pushchairs

A lie-flat pushchair is an essential item for babies and new parents. Research suggests that infants should lie flat instead of sitting upright in a seat or pram as this promotes healthy lung and spine development. A reclining pushchair may assist in making your baby feel comfortable and calm when they go for long walks or excursions out.

There are a variety of pram accessories available, including a footmuff, parasol and car seat cover. A sunshade, or extendable SPF50+ canopy, will protect your baby from the sun. A footmuff can provide additional padding to ensure comfort and is ideal for colder weather. A car seat cover is a great accessory as it can help protect your baby’s car seat from spilled drinks food, general wear and tear.

Some of the best pushchairs come with a travel system option whereby you can include an infant car seat and carrycot to the chassis to create a complete newborn package. This is a cost-effective way to buy a car seat and pushchair in one piece, depending on the brand. The Babyzen Yoyo 2 comes with an exclusive newborn package that converts the buggy from a pram, to a car seat and bassinet.

Carrycots are typically needed during the initial few weeks of a baby’s existence since they cannot sit up in the stroller. Carrycots are infant carrier that can be connected to the chassis of a stroller and used up to six months as a sleeping device. Some carrycots have a viewing shade or panel that can be removed from the chassis to be used as a separate accessory for longer car trips.

If a carrycot does not come included in the Collapsible Pushchair, you can purchase it separately and connect it to the chassis using adaptors. A carrycot should be wiped down regularly and inspected for dampness and mould. If mildew or mould is detected the fabric needs to be brushed down, rinsed with cool soapy water and dried thoroughly outdoors away from other pushchairs.


The majority of pushchairs don’t have seats that recline completely, allowing newborns to lie flat. Prams are the best choice for newborns, and some models can even offer an adjustable seating position so that babies can sit up a bit, which could aid in reflux.

A pram is made to transport infants and newborns and are usually more durable than strollers. Prams can be used from the time of birth, and typically include a bassinet or carrycot that can be attached to their frame. Some prams are able to be used as a travel system which is ideal for parents who are busy as it reduces the number of items you have to carry around in your car.

It can be a challenge for new parents to pick the best pram or pushchair. There are many options. Finding a model that will allow them to recline or sit in a flat position will increase their quality of sleep during outings. Newborns are also sensitive to temperature and humidity of the surrounding environment and it’s important to select a stroller that is suitable for the weather where you live.

The best prams for newborns are built to last with large wheels and are light. They should also have an ample storage basket that is convenient for carrying the essentials such as bottles, diapers, and snacks. Furthermore, the pram should have sun canopy to shield your child from sun, and a rain cover to protect them from sudden showers.

If you’re not sure what kind of pushchair to purchase, try browsing the internet for reviews from other parents. You’ll be able to find out about the most popular products with new parents and those that are highly rated in terms of safety and functionality. In addition to a stroller or pram you might also want to buy accessories like a fitted moses basket/pram sheet, pushchair seat liner and a pram blanket. These can be purchased at a trusted online retailer such as Little Birdy.

Travel systems

A travel system is the ideal option if you want to purchase a new pushchair that will grow with your child. A travel system bundles a stroller car seat and carrycot into one package. It usually comes with adaptors so that you can easily transfer your baby from the car to the stroller with no disturbance. This is especially helpful in achieving the recommended half-hour travel limit for infants.

There are a myriad of travel systems available. It is important to study them thoroughly before making a choice. Certain travel systems are complete, containing everything you require for your baby from birth to toddlerhood, while others have separate components which can be purchased when needed. It’s also worth checking whether the car seat and the pushchair you’re thinking of purchasing are compatible. Some systems require additional car seat adaptors. This can be expensive.

Jane travel system is a popular option for new parents. It includes the award-winning Noordi Fjordi stroller as well as the iCandy Peach 7 carryingcot. This stroller pushchair that is single-to-double is stylish and suitable from birth. It also has a comfortable carrying crib. It’s also very lightweight and folds down into a compact footprint, meaning it’s easy to store in tiny places or in the trunk of your car.

The Joie Vinca, a highly reviewed option for parents with new babies, is also a great option. It comes with a comfortable seat that is suitable for babies and can be used in a lie-flat position to keep your baby’s airways clear when traveling. It can be utilized in public transport as well as in the car and is a good choice for parents who spend a lot of time with their child.

Safe-O-Kid is another great option for parents who are new. It offers a variety of infant car seats, strollers and travel systems that can be linked up to create an entire travel system. Its car seats and strollers come with an easy click-in/click out feature that lets you quickly and easily transfer your baby who is sleeping from the vehicle to the pushchair without waking them up.


Safety is crucial for infants who spend a lot time in their pushchair. A safety harness is just one of the many options you should think about to ensure your baby is safely secured in the seat. The harness is designed for the child to be restrained by putting straps around their hips, shoulders, and in between their legs. Choose a pushchair with an incredibly safe and sturdy suspension system that is able to handle the bumps and lumps on the road.

Another security feature to be looking for is the seat’s five-point harness, which is a requirement of Australian safety standards. This guarantees that your child will not escape the seat in the event of the possibility of a crash. The length of the strap, the force required to open a buckle and the size of the loops are all measured and tested.

A newborn pushchair that has an incline-flat seat is advised, as it is safer for your child. Research has shown that infants who sit upright in pushchairs can fall into a scrunched-up position, which blocks them from breathing in enough air. This can lead to serious breathing issues.

A baby pushchair should come with a large, spacious basket to store your shopping and personal things. It should also include a rain cover, sun shade and cup holder to keep your baby comfy. You might also want to consider a pram blanket and changing bag, and a pushchair clip, which lets you hang your bag from the side.

Some pushchairs come with a fully reclining seat that is suitable for newborns. It is essential to determine whether the pushchair can be used as early as birth. Some models only have an upright position for infants less than six months old. The best pushchair to buy is a 3-in-1 or 2-in-1 model that can be adjusted to the changing needs of your baby as they age.

The brakes on a newborn pushchair should be easy to operate and use, since you will be using them frequently during your out and about with your child. The brake type will depend on your lifestyle for instance running frequently, you might need an active foot or hand brake that is nimble and easy to turn on.

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