13 Things You Should Know About Compact Pushchair That You Might Not Have Known

Compact Pushchair Reviews

A compact and lightweight stroller can be a great choice for those who travel frequently on public transportation or in a car. These strollers are easy to fold and store and less likely to be damaged by baggage handlers.

These strollers that are lightweight offer modern convenience and are easy to navigate on cobblestones. Plus, they fit easily into overhead compartments on planes.


The best compact pushchairs are lightweight to carry and, more importantly, they are easy to fold. Often they have a simple one-handed fold, and take up less space when folded than full-size buggies. This makes them an excellent alternative if you are limited in storage space at home or you are worried about the space you have when traveling particularly by plane.

Some have a tiny footprint when they are closed, making them ideal for tight spaces. They are the ideal choice for those who live in apartments or you want something light and easy to walk around in. However, they may be less comfortable for older children, especially if they have to extend their legs to get around.

There are many different types of folds available, some can be done with one hand, while others require two hands or more effort. Some are designed to fit within the cabin baggage allowance on a variety of flights, or can be carried over your shoulder with straps or handles.

Silver Cross Dune is our favorite lightweight pushchair. The Silver Cross Dune is a compact pushchair that comes with all the features and thoughtful design that you would expect from this heritage brand. It comes with an easy-to-use fold and, just like the Contours Itsy comes fully assembled in the box. It’s a great option for parents who are travelling a lot with their child. It can fit in most car trunks and small trunk spaces.

The Cybex Mios is another option. It is a bridge between the two types of pushchairs as a fully-functioning system that is agile. It can be used from birth in parent-facing mode and then switched to a world-facing mode as your child grows older, and it also has a decent recline that is nap-worthy. It’s not as compact as the Libelle however it’s a bit smaller and more comfortable to use on flat surfaces. It is not suitable for rough terrain. Another benefit is a very affordable price tag and excellent tests of durability.

Easy to store

The Joie Pact Pro makes the perfect travel buggy. It folds so compactly that it can fit into an overhead compartment and weighs so light that you’ll barely notice it in your boot. It is also a good stroller for daily use. Our test-driver Hollie found it easy to steer, even when carrying a baby of just one year old. She was impressed by the adjustable handle, lockable wheels and the reclined seat. However, she said that it was not particularly comfortable. She also likes that you can add extras like a reversible, washable seat cover, rain cover, and the foot muff.

The Babyzen YOYO is another impressively compact fold pushchair suitable from birth. It’s not as streamlined as the Cybex Libelle but it’s still a great product that can easily slide into trunks and car boot. It also offers more options for newborns than other buggies, including the option to add a bassinet or newborn cot, plus a bespoke ride-on board for older children and a double seat adapter.

The YOYO is not the most compact buggy for driving on rough or uneven terrain. The wheels are small and aren’t as efficient as other models that we have test. However, it’s an extremely maneuverable pushchair, and the YOYO is a great choice of maneuvering narrow shopping aisles and muddy paths. It’s ideal for a city break or holiday.

The Cosatto Bee6 offers a remarkably simplified list of features for its affordable price. It folds down to the size of a backpack and weighs only 6kg, so it’s an easy travel buggy to cart on planes and trains. It’s also very easy to steer and our MFM test rider Matt found it a joy to steer, even with a toddler who was heavy was aboard. He also liked the hood, which comes down low enough to protect from rain and sun and facilitate naps. The only downside is that it lacks under-seat storage and you’ll need to carry or drape a bag on the handlebar (against our expert advice!). You can also purchase an additional changing bag holder for this buggy to make it a perfect holiday buggy.

Easy to maneuver

The wheels on small Pushchair pushchairs might appear small, but they usually do surprisingly well, and can navigate narrow shopping aisles or rough terrain with ease. The Micralite is an excellent example, despite having small wheels, it can handle bumpy roads effortlessly and is able to turn sharply on narrow streets and even is able to handle lightly sand without much difficulty. It also has a smooth steering system that is easy to steer with just one hand. It folds down into a neat and compact package which fits snugly into its accompanying bag for transport.

The majority of compact pushchairs are designed for toddlers and older children, but an increasing number offer a lie-flat seat or the option to add an extra carrycot (or baby car seat) to ensure they are suitable from the time of birth. These Z fold buggies or concertinas are typically light, weighing only 6-8kg. They can also be accepted for use in cabins by many airlines. MFM Editor Gemma says she has used it on numerous occasions and finds it easy to use and store.

If you’re looking for a truly compact fold one, the YOYO is the ultimate model in the compact category and was the first buggy models of this type. It’s still a very popular choice for parents, with many preferring it over its rivals thanks to its clever details and superior functionality. It’s a great option for frequent travelers, particularly when they want to stay clear of the hassle of waiting in line at baggage collection by taking their stroller along.

The YOYO is also extremely compact and can fit into the bag with ease and having some room to spare. This makes it a great option for frequent travellers particularly those who have to carry a lot of stuff in their suitcase. It’s also extremely adaptable. You can buy many accessories, including a newborn baby bassinet, bespoke riding board, and twin travel bundles to turn it into a tandem. You can also purchase an umbrella and rain cover for added peace of mind.


Hollie, our reviewer, recommends the Silver Cross model to parents seeking a light and compact pushchair. It’s user-friendly and can be tucked away into the trunk of your car. Its maneuverability and reclining seats are among the best in our tests. It also comes with a tray for parents as well as a storage basket that can accommodate a small backpack, plus it has great sun cover options (including the Hood) and straps with padding that make your child feel comfy.

Some compact strollers fold so small that they’re cabin approved for air travel. This makes them ideal for those who frequently travel or are limited in your car boot. They’re usually very light and compact, making them easy to carry around and can be used in conjunction with a travel system, if you select a model that features a lie-flat seating unit or comes with an optional baby ‘pod’ or one of two luxurious folding carrycots.

The most important thing to remember when choosing a travel buggy is that not all models are to be the same. Some brands claim that their compact-folding pushchairs fold easily with one hand. Others might require more effort or two hands to fold it. It is also worth checking if the seat has a recline – some are fully flat with a slight recline, while others have an incline that may be suitable for toddlers, but not younger babies.

Make sure the model you select is suitable for your travel plans. For example If your destination is hot then you should choose models with mesh fabric vented to keep your child cool. If you’re heading somewhere that’s wet or windy it is important to ensure that the pushchair is equipped with an appropriate cover. The covers that come with generic ones won’t fit and may let water in.

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